apple and spinach salad
Comfort food can take surprising forms…..Feeling a little hungover requires comfort food but that does not have to lead down the usual carb laden path of pizza, fries or other generally toxifying yet strangely delicious foodstuffs.

This is a surprisingly good combination, the nutmeg brings the spinach to life and adds a little spice to the soft browned apples. The toasted seeds give a nutty crunch and walnut oil is key to the finish.

I kept it simple but bacon pieces or grilled chicken could make a meal out of this one so play with it.

Ingredients (enough for one person)

1 apple
1 bunch of fresh spinach leaves
2 pinches nutmeg, ground
2 teaspoons sesame seeds
2 teaspoons sunflower seeds
1 tablespoon walnut nut oil


Toast the seeds lightly until brown in a dry skillet, then set aside. It’s very important that the pan is super hot to start with.

Finely chop or slice the apple and throw the pieces into the still Apple and spinach saladvery hot pan, let them brown for a few minutes.
Rip apart handfuls of the spinach leaves and add these to the apple.
Sprinkle the nutmeg over the spinach leaves
Once apples are soft and brown and the spinach has just begun to wilt then take it off the heat and put on a plate. The whole process shouldn’t take more then about 8 minutes. You don’t want to over cook the spinach.

Sprinkle liberally with the toasted seeds and drizzle with nut oil to serve