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The reason for the lack of posting, the lack of cooking, the altered taste buds…the altered everything… here!

Nicely marinaded in maple syrup for 8 and a half months, he is already showing signs of being a serious gourmand…

This is fun. Seems to be doing the rounds of every food blog. Andrew Wheeler at Very Good Taste put out his personal list called The Omnivore’s One Hundred and asked of people the following :

1) Copy this list into your blog or journal, including these instructions.

2) Bold all the items you’ve eaten.

3) Cross out any items that you would never consider eating.

4) Optional extra: Post a comment here at linking to your results.

Here are my responses and following it is a list of other potential omnivore delicacies compiled in response:

1. Venison
2. Nettle tea
3. Huevos rancheros
4. Steak tartare
5. Crocodile (I did eat fried alligator once in Florida and it was very good)
6. Black pudding
7. Cheese fondue
8. Carp
9. Borscht
10. Baba ghanoush
11. Calamari
12. Phở
13. PB&J sandwich
14. Aloo gobi
15. Hot dog from a street cart – New York, one of the delicacies of the streets. Ideally you’ll score 2 for $1.50. That’s when you’ve really struck gold.
16. Epoisses – a good friend refers to this as “La petite fille qui se néglige”, I’ll leave you to figure that out.
17. Black truffle
18. Fruit wine made from something other than grapes
19. Steamed pork buns
20. Pistachio ice cream
21. Heirloom tomatoes
22. Fresh wild berries
23. Foie gras
24. Rice and beans
25. Brawn, or head cheese
26. Raw Scotch Bonnet pepper
27. Dulce de leche – the good stuff, in Buenos Aires, for breakfast which competes with the other good stuff an old Mexican roommate used to bring back
28. Oysters – not a fan but good ones can be found here
29. Baklava
30. Bagna cauda
31. Wasabi peas
32. Clam chowder in a sourdough bowl
33. Salted lassi
34. Sauerkraut
35. Root beer float- I’ve tasted it – doesn’t mean I have to like it! Why oh why do people drink this stuff?
36. Cognac with a fat cigar
37. Clotted cream tea
38. Vodka jelly/Jell-O
39. Gumbo – but not in New Orleans
40. Oxtail
41. Curried goat- does goat stew in Rwanda count?
42. Whole insects – again maybe next week?
43. Phaal
44. Goat’s milk
45. Malt whisky from a bottle worth £60/€80/$120 or more
46. Fugu
47. Chicken tikka masala
48. Eel
49. Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut
50. Sea urchin – fresh in Sicily
51. Prickly pear- ditto
52. Umeboshi
53. Abalone
54. Paneer
55. McDonald’s Big Mac Meal – lots of McDonald’s, never the Big One!
56. Spaetzle
57. Dirty gin martini
58. Beer above 8% ABV – God bless the Belgians and the Canadians
59. Poutine – very romantically shared in a rented car on the streets on Montreal
60. Carob chips
61. S’mores
62. Sweetbreads
63. Kaolin
64. Currywurst
65. Durian – the most gross thing on the list perhaps? Invades and permeates the entire atmosphere of a local Asian grocery store – and that’s even before you open it up!
66. Frogs’ legs
67. Beignets, churros, elephant ears or funnel cake
68. Haggis
69. Fried plantain
70. Chitterlings, or andouillette – the eating of andouilette should be a duty undertaken primarily to warn others to stay well away, unless of course they’re French and then it’s programmed into their DNA to enjoy this while they turn their noses up at other far less offensive items
71. Gazpacho
72. Caviar and blini
73. Louche absinthe
74. Gjetost, or
75. Roadkill
76. Baijiu – not yet but maybe I will next week!
77. Hostess Fruit Pie
78. Snail
79. Lapsang souchong
80. Bellini
81. Tom yum
82. Eggs Benedict
83. Pocky
84. Tasting menu at a three-Michelin-star restaurant
85. Kobe beef
86. Hare
87. Goulash
88. Flowers
89. Horse
90. Criollo chocolate
91. Spam
92. Soft shell crab
93. Rose harissa
94. Catfish
95. Mole poblano
96. Bagel and lox
97. Lobster Thermidor
98. Polenta
99. Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee
100. Snake

Another list compiled for more Omnivorish fun on a Monday:

  1. Nutella ice cream
  2. Corn Dog
  3. Kangaroo
  4. Ostrich steak
  5. Socca
  6. Quahogs
  7. Ndole
  8. Unpasteurised milk
  9. Pint of authentic Guinness
  10. Moonshine
  11. Arancini/zuppli
  12. Saskatoons
  13. Curry chips
  14. Tomme d’Ariège
  15. Flapjacks – (what do you interpret this as?)
  16. Bullfrog
  17. Kifto
  18. White chocolate Oreos
  19. A Tom Collins
  20. Apple pie with cheddar cheese
  21. Pimientos de padron
  22. strawberries and black pepper
  23. Crepe Suzette
  24. Rabbit
  25. Wild boar
  26. Testicles (of any kind)
  27. Vegemite
  28. Merguez
  29. Tagine
  30. Muhammara
  31. Espresso martini
  32. Razor clam
  33. Pigs ear
  34. Tripe
  35. Steak & kidney pie
  36. Torta della nonna
  37. Teff
  38. Real wasabi
  39. Speculoos
  40. Kimchee
  41. Schiacciata
  42. Byriani
  43. Agave nectar
  44. Steak Fiorentina
  45. Deep fried chocolate bar
  46. Macaroons from Pierre Hermé
  47. Green tea éclair
  48. Digestive biscuits
  49. Graham crackers
  50. Mesquite flour
  51. Quinoa
  52. Home made berry jam
  53. Black sesame seeds
  54. Tacobell tacos
  55. A coffee from Starbucks
  56. Pigs cheek
  57. Caribou paté
  58. Bison steak
  59. Bok choy
  60. Galangal
  61. Vindaloo
  62. Coddle
  63. Camel hump
  64. Dog
  65. Squirrel (Seriously, it’s in the Joy of Cooking!)
  66. Racoon – ditto
  67. Kopi luwak coffee
  68. Casu Frazigu
  69. Shepherds pie
  70. Cheeseless pizza
  71. Dolfin chocolate
  72. Slippery elm powder
  73. Medjool dates
  74. Toblerone
  75. Argan oil
  76. Goose egg
  77. Stilton
  78. Grappa
  79. Arak
  80. Jamón ibérico de bellota from Jabugo
  81. pasta alla norma
  82. Zabaione/sabayon
  83. Pavlova
  84. Chocolate and zucchini bread
  85. Pumpkin pie
  86. Marzipan
  87. Perogys
  88. Wheatgrass shot
  89. Baci chocolates
  90. Pacharán
  91. Kefir
  92. Duck eggs
  93. Baked alaska
  94. Liver
  95. Yak milk
  96. Gubeen
  97. Shark meat
  98. Bo Bun
  99. Monterey jack cheese
  100. Camel cheese